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Issue 2:

  1. Lecture @ Belmar Library: The In's and Out's of the Web: I'm giving a lecture on Tuesday, March 13th, on three ways a website can distinguish itself and succeed online.
  2. How to Schedule an Event Online: A guide on sending email invitations, keeping track of guests, and publishing the event online.
  3. Great sites I've found: I encounter the best and worst of the web, and am sharing the best with you.

1.KWD Presentation:
The In's and Out's of the Web: Design, Copy, and Marketing

If you have any questions about the event or would like to RSVP over the phone, please call Zack at 970-882-1477.

About the Presentation:
The public presentation will inform and empower professionals with web sites by providing critical knowledge about web sites. Web designer and developer Zack Katz will discuss in depth three ways a website can distinguish itself and succeed: design, copy writing, and marketing.
Light refreshments provided. Question and answer session follows. Guests welcome.
Tuesday, March 13 2007
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Belmar Library
555 Allison Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80226
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2.Show me:
How to Schedule an Event Online

The Internet is a great way to organize an event…with the right tools.

Here's the situation: consider that you have a business event coming up, and you want to organize everything online. You have a list of people you want to let know about it, and you want to set up a system for tracking responses. In addition, you want to publicize the event the best you can. Here's how to do it all:

  1. Sending an invitation
    1. Evite is a great site for sending out invitations to your event. The site allows you to choose a nice template design for your email invitation, enter the party details, and send the invitation to as many people as you like (you can store up to 1,000 emails in their address book). Setting up an event mailer on the site is very easy. Make sure to easily import your contacts.

      The site has lots of other nifty features, such as guests being able to set up carpools easily with one another, a built-in event picture gallery, and many useful party planning tools (such as a drink calculator).

  2. Tracking Responses
    1. Once the invitation is sent, Evite allows you to monitor who is coming, who can't make it, and who might be attending. The event you have just created (by sending the email) is entered in to the online calendar of events, and automatically has a page generated for it. This page will tell you who is coming to the event.

  3. Advertising the Event Online
    1. Once you have sent out your event invitation with Evite, you will want to advertise it to the general public. This is a lot of work, but it could pay off. Below is a list of where to post your event online:
    • denver craigslist: events: The site is a great resource; it's free, easy to use, and has a large user base.
    • YourHub.com Events : YourHub is a free public events board for the Denver area. They have a community calendar broken down into different categories (business, music, sports, etc...). YourHub is partnered with the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post, so some events are randomly chosen to appear in the newspaper.
    • Citysearch.com: Citysearch is a good place to post a party-style event. The site features many music events
    • Upcoming.org: Yahoo's super events site. Very easy to add event, and even add a "badge" of your event's information to your website.
    • Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau Events: Depending on your event, it could qualify to be put on Denver.org. From their site:
      [We accept] events that are open to the general public and would appeal to Denver visitors. Events that are generally not included are: events by invitation only, fundraising galas or benefits, workshops, classes and camps.

I hope you found this walk through helpful. Please call me (Zack) at 970-882-1477 if you have any questions; I'll happily answer them.

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3.My Favorite Things:
Great sites I've found

I'm online a lot, and I've found some great sites. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Travel Search
    • Yahoo Farechase: Searching for the lowest ticket prices is a pain. Yahoo's tool is by far the easiest way to find the flight and hotel you want, without the frustration (it's laughable how great it is to use).
  • Real Estate Search
    • Trulia Real Estate Search: Not only is Trulia the best real estate search tool, it's the best by far. Every feature I wanted was there, like search by neighborhood, save favorite houses, home sale history, and so much more. If you are looking to buy a house, sell houses, or are a part of the industry, this site should not be overlooked. It's the future of real estate on the web.
  • Free Stock Photos
    • stock.xchng: This site has lots of free photos for use in all types of situations, such as advertising, websites, or artwork. The quality of lots of the pictures is great, and the photographs are free.
  • Social Bookmarking
    • Del.icio.us: It's called "social bookmarking." The idea is this: when you come across a site you find interesting, rather than bookmarking it on your computer, you bookmark it on a website instead. When you search a social bookmarking site, you get super-relevant results, and you can see how many other people enjoyed the same site. » Visit my del.icio.us page
  • Business Networking Online
    • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an online business networking site. You can form network of your co-workers, leads, partners, and friends, and use that virtual network as you would a real network; make new contacts, find hirable employees, add people to a newsletter, etc. It also has helpful sections like Answers, where business people can go to ask questions and have them answered by their peers, and features an extensive profile area. » View my LinkedIn profile
  • Fitness
    • Map My Run: Mapping your running routes has never been easier! Map My Run does just what you'd think: it maps your run! With a simple point-and-click integration with Google maps, the site allows you to keep records of your runs, it estimates how many calories you burned, and your mph. » View my MapMyRun.com profile (and don't laugh!)

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